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Polish American Congress Michigan Division

The Polish American Congress (PAC) is a U.S. umbrella organization of Polish-Americans and Polish-American organizations. Its membership is composed of fraternal, educational, veterans, religious, cultural, social, business, and political organizations, as well as individuals.

The Polish American Congress, Michigan Division (hereafter referred to as “The Division”) is a local division of the Polish American Congress Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Congress”), which is a national organization. The Division and its members, both individuals and organizations, shall adhere to and be bound by the “By-Laws of the Polish American Congress”.

The Polish American Congress works with its member organizations to achieve the following:

- To unify people of Polish ancestry in the United States.
- To encourage the growth of Polish American fraternal, educational, cultural, social, youth, parish, civic, veteran and professional associations.
- To encourage exposure to Polish history and culture in schools, parishes and cultural institutions.
- To acquaint people of Polish ancestry with their rights, privileges and duties as American citizens.
- To maintain active liaison with local, state and federal government officials regarding the needs and concerns of Americans of Polish ancestry.
- To protect the good name of American of Polish ancestry in political, national, social and economic matters.
- To react at a time of crisis when the needs and concerns of Polonia must be represented.
- To inform the American public about the Polish American community and Poland’s role in history.
- To inform Americans of Polish ancestry of actions taken by the Polish American Congress to assist people of Polish ancestry.
- To promote radio, TV and print media which inform and unite Polish Americans.

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